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Founder of Bountiful Blessings, Jo Homar, began her journey with Bountiful Blessings while making her transition from working for others to establishing her own business. The name Bountiful Blessings was given to Jo in a vision she received during her transition. She has truly found many blessings as a result of the changes in her beliefs, thoughts, and way of life. Bountiful Blessings started off as a holistic healing practice but over the years has grown into a multi-level company now consisting of the businesses and products provided by Jo Homar, inspire2snap empowerment bracelets, and Guidance From Above empowerment cards.

 The Universe is infinitely responding to our current state of mind.

As we learn to reprogram our past thoughts and actions and embrace

the infinite possibilities of the present, we come to a place where we

have reason to look forward with excitement to all that is possible.

May you be blessed with BOUNTIFUL BLESSINGS.

Stay inspired and empowered.

 -Jo Homar-


Bountiful Blessings

the possibilities are limitless



Inspire2snap is the division of Bountiful Blessings which provides empowerment jewelry. Inspire2snap creates unisex jewelry to inspire and empower individuals through the use of wearing positive words and symbols incorporated in their designs. Inspire2snap empowerment bracelets align with the services provided by Jo Homar and the Bountiful Blessings brand to deliver products which promote well-being and empower individuals.

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About Us

Bountiful Blessings is a company invested in businesses and products which promote health, well-being, inspiration and empowerment to individuals throughout the world. Our businesses and products promote inspiration and empowerment to business professionals, public figures, celebrities, athletes, parents, couples and individuals of all ages who seek to awaken their full potential.

Our Businesses and Products

Guidance From Above™ Empowerment Cards


Guidance From Above empowerment cards is the in print division of Bountiful Blessings which offers daily inspiring and empowering messages to set the tone for the day. Guidance From Above empowerment cards were created to offer uplifting guidance in the form of an easy-to-use card deck. Jo Homar, author of Guidance From Above empowerment cards, first created this card deck for her own healing and is excited to offer it to you.

Jo Homar


Jo Homar is the face behind Bountiful Blessings. In this role Jo serves as an intuitive healer who uses both her natural gifts and professional trainings as an alternative healer to assist individuals. Jo's specialty is working with individuals by providing insight, clarity, guidance and healing. Jo's compassion for others combined with her intuitive insights help individuals navigate through life. Her techniques bring balance and well-being to individuals daily at her healing practice in Connecticut and remotely.

inspiring and empowering individuals