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NOW AVAILABLE: Purchase your hardcopy or electronic workbook and cd and get connected to the angels and ascended masters from the comfort of your home. Each workbook is accompanied by an audio cd where I personally guide you through each workbook while I connect you with the angels and/or ascended masters for each workbook. My workbook and audio series provide you the experience of multiple one-on-one sessions with Jo with the convenience of you not having to leave your home.Same great energy and pure, clear connection to spirit as in-person sessions!

Workbook I provides you with an easy reference guide to 4 ascended masters: Jesus, Lord Lanto, Kuthumi and Melchizedek and a 41 minute audio cd.

Each workbook in the series consists of:

  • Introduction to angels and ascended masters covered in your chosen workbook
  • Opportunity for you to set your intentions for each session
  • Invocation by Jo Homar to invite in each angel or ascended master covered in your chosen workbook
  • Opportunity for you to record your experience with each of the angels and ascended masters covered in your chosen workbook

You can use this practical, easy to use workbook and audio guide over and over in the comfort of your own home to connect with these angels and ascended masters to receive their guidance, healing and insight. Look for our other workbooks coming soon!

Weekly Empowerment Readings

NOTICE: I will be working from and with clients in New Mexico and Sedona between May 25th and July 8th. Most services are available from these locations. Wherever you are in the country I can provide you with energy healing, guidance and certification in energy healing.

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Workbook Series


Hardcopy Workbook and CD mailed DOMESTIC only. For international orders please select download format.

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Jo Homar's Empowerment Card Deck

 Individuals throughout the country LOVE  these cards and use them on a daily basis for inspiration and empowerment.  

 You can purchase Your Personal Card Deck  From:

Empowerment Card Deck

View our weekly posted YouTube empowerment card readings using my published Guidance From Above empowerment card deck filled with channeled messages from ascended masters. Click HERE for our YouTube channel.

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If you are experiencing life changes, looking for guidance, and want to experience all that life has to offer you then you are at the right place. Please join me at my center located in Wethersfield, Connecticut where I offer tailored experiences through a wide range of services and sessions to support your personal journey. I can meet you where you are in your own process of growth and healing and from there I can help inspire and empower you along the way.

I am a gifted intuitive healer who is well regarded for my sensitivity to serving my clients' needs and for my commitment and dedication to being of service to the world and to all those who inhabit it. I have been trained in various holistic modalities from SHAMANISM to REIKI to INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY and I have developed my own healing technique The HIGHER Connection™.

My client base spans throughout the country and includes business professionals, public figures, parents, couples, healers and individuals of all ages, who seek to heal and awaken their fullest potential. I take confidentiality seriously and it is part of my ethics and standards.

My holistic center Bountiful Blessings was created to be a HEALING CENTER FOR THE SOUL specializing in various components of alternative holistic healing all in a safe and caring environment. My services, private sessions, workshops and trainings offer a variety of customized opportunities for you to grow, learn and to heal. 

Whether you want to learn more about yourself; release old patterns; consult about your life experiences; clear emotional stored memories; receive spiritual guidance; heal; or restore balance on the emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual level, please look at what I have to offer you. My services and highly effective healing techniques help you gain insights to assist you on your path to positive transformation.​

I would be honored to guide you to the path you are meant to walk as you nurture your spirit and start living an inspired life. 

Please visit SERVICES page for a description of services and fees.

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